According to the American Psychological Association, couples counseling is more than 75% effective. If you are considering marriage therapy, this statistic proves benefits that many couples already know. Professional counseling works. 

But, marriage therapy isn’t only intended for couples on the brink of divorce. Whether you are newlywed or just celebrated an anniversary milestone, each chapter of your life presents new challenges and events. Therefore, marriage therapy helps you reconnect, pinpoint your issues, and strengthen your bond for the future.

But how do you know when counseling is necessary? What are some tell-tale signs? Read on to learn everything you need to know. 

Lack of Listening 

You tell your partner about the long workday or share plans for the upcoming weekend. Did they hear you? Lack of listening is a common issue in many relationships.

But when simply not hearing turns into ignoring or lack of interest, this could indicate the need for counseling. This is particularly true if you have noticed a shift in your partner’s listening attention and interest or if you feel emotionally ignored in the current relationship. 

Financial Stress 

Are you struggling financially? Does your partner tend to overspend while you consistently save? These are common financial stressors that could affect the health of your marriage.

If you find yourself arguing or worrying about money frequently, you may benefit from marriage therapy. In relationships, money can reveal where we assign value. A therapist can help you understand where your partner is coming from and address the route stressor of your financial concerns and issues. 

Poor Communication 

Communication and listening go hand in hand. But strong communication skills are arguably one of the pillars for strong and lasting relationships.

If you and your partner are not communicating or lack steady communication, this could signal a need for marriage counseling. Poor communication comes in many forms and could impact each couple’s relationship in a different way.

For example, you may feel your partner doesn’t confide in you or tell you about the details of their day-to-day work or personal life. Or, you may feel conversations are one-sided and you are never able to express concerns, worries, or interests in conversation. Healthy communication is open, transparent, and honest.

Evaluating Communication Patterns and Behaviors 

Communication is one of the most challenging aspects of a relationship. If you are struggling with poor communication, professionals like Willow Oak Therapy Center can help. They focus on the “client” as the couple. 

And, the psychotherapy center will address communication patterns and help you better understand your reactions to stressors. This will help strengthen your personal communication skills and dialogue as a couple. 


If you or your partner struggle with addiction, you could benefit from marriage counseling in addition to other forms of therapy or group work. Addiction has the power to destroy a person’s personal and professional life. But, this tragic circumstance can also wreak havoc on marriage and family life.

Couple’s therapy will help you develop the skills to tackle and overcome this addiction a couple. You may view your partner’s addiction as a calculated assault on your marriage.

Or, you may lack the emotional awareness to understand the deeper routed issues at hand. An experienced couples’ therapist will help you see each other beyond the addiction and learn to heal together. 

Insecurity and Low Self-Esteem 

While marriage therapy addresses the couple, an individual’s own insecurities and low self-esteem may affect the entire relationship. Whether you struggle with weight or worthiness, a couple’s therapist can help you sort through these issues. If unaddressed in your relationship, these emotional ruts can cause a larger divide and communication issues down the line. 

Life Changes 

As a couple, and as individuals, you may have experienced major life changes. For example, the birth of your children undoubtedly changed your family’s dynamic and future. Or perhaps, a job promotion or layoff impacted your financial outlook.

Or, a cross-country move could weigh heavily on your relationship. Life changes are emotional and could indicate the need for marriage therapy. If you are struggling to manage and overcome these changes together, you could benefit from the help of a professional

Preparing for the Future 

Instead of stressing over the future or lamenting the past, a therapist will help you work through these changes in the present moment. It is common during hard times to assign blame or withdraw.

A therapist will help you faces challenges together. This will strengthen your marriage bond and prepare you with a sharp set of tools to tackle any future issues. 


Did you know that more than 40% of married couples have been affected by infidelity? If you struggle with infidelity in your marriage, know that you are not alone. Emotions around infidelity may include guilt, shame, anger, rage, and general unhappiness.

You may feel the need to lash out at your partner or blame yourself during these trying times. But, managing these emotions on your own can quickly become isolating and overwhelming. That’s where the professional guidance of marriage therapy can help.

A therapist will help you unpack these emotions and clearly communicate your feelings to one another. This will create a calm space to foster real growth and help build trust again. 

Missing Intimacy

A lack or change in intimacy could indicate the need for marriage therapy. If you are no longer intimate with your partner or have noticed a shift in your intimate relations, there may be more serious issues beneath the surface.

And, intimacy is not just physical. Your relationship should also welcome emotional intimacy; this relates to strong communication habits.  

Marriage Therapy Could Strengthen Your Relationship 

If you are considering marriage therapy, you do not have to experience shame or feel alone. As couples evolve, they may grow apart or together. A marriage therapist will help you address your issues as individuals and as a couple so that you can continue to grow together if that is what you hope for.

These are some of the signs that could indicate issues in your relationship. If you have experienced any of these issues or have questions about marriage counseling, contact Willow Oak Therapy. The center will walk you through the intake process, address fees and insurance, and much more. 

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