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Individual (Adult and Adolescent) Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy is a path to understanding yourself, learning who you are and what influences (significant people, past experiences) have made you the person you are today. Our professional, experienced therapists will work with you in a collaborative manner to help you gain insight and understanding into the areas with which you may find yourself struggling. Individual psychotherapy addresses life's stressors such as: 

  •     Anxiety
  •     Depression
  •     Isolation
  •     Grief and loss
  •     Overwhelming stress
  •     Sleep problems
  •     Low self-esteem
  •     Job functioning
  •     Career decisions
  •     Poor body image
  •     Relationship or intimacy problems
  •     Past trauma
  •     Health related issues
  •     Consquences of growing in a troubled family
  •     Life transitions

We are only a phone call away and meeting one-on-one with one of our non-judgmental, caring therapists can be the first step toward improving how you feel and your relationships with others. 


Couples Counseling

Couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship or a desire to improve the relationship can find help with one of our experienced couples therapists. Couples therapy will assist you in working together through issues: learning to talk to, and work with each other in productive ways.

Instead of focusing on either individual, the couple itself becomes the focus, and work revolves around the couple as the “client.” Couples work may focus on communication patterns, trust issues, decision-making, the impact of financial struggles, parenting, blended family concerns, sexual difficulties and intimacy, infidelity, and destructive behaviors.

Participating together in couples therapy can open new avenues for each person to understand him/herself and his/her reactions to stressors in new ways. This understanding leads to healthier interactions within the couple and new tools for coping with future challenges.


Individual (Child) Psychotherapy

Children suffer with life stressors and deserve a place to work through issues just as adults do. We believe in allowing children to communicate and cope with problems in ways that make sense to them. Our child sessions include play therapy, and the use of art and other creative and expressive modes for children to communicate what they are feeling. Individual therapy with a child can resolve:

  •     Social anxiety
  •     Adjusting to school
  •     Communication skills
  •     Bullying
  •     Misunderstanding social cues, including making friends
  •     Self esteem issues
  •     Anger Management

If you think your child is struggling, please call our intake line [link to contact] as a first step toward helping your child overcome whatever is holding him/her back.


Family Therapy

We are here to help you with your family issues, and understand that family dynamics can be challenging whether you have a traditional or non-traditional family. We aim to provide a safe environment for all family members to come together and feel comfortable in sharing thoughts and feelings. The family therapy session is a time for all members of the family system to “hear and be heard” which is often the first step in working through family issues.

Family therapy can encompass many issues and include:  

  •     Parent-child conflicts
  •     Blended family issues
  •     Loss of a parent
  •     Defiant and angry teenagers
  •     Family Transitions
  •     Illness within the family unit


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